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Coconut Tree HO'OIKAIKA CAVACO-AMOY Testimonials

Aloha HAIA!


Thank you, I'm glad that Ho'oikaika is exposed to good people like Lua, Ana, Bulla, and the rest of the Ohana. Your motivation and constant concern for all our young men to be the best they can be has been an inspiration to me. It has also made me see the growing confidence in Ho'oikaika, as an athlete. He's growing so fast, I am so proud of him. Once again, Thank You!!! Mahalo.

Jana-Rae N. Amoy

Coconut Tree KAPUA SAI  

Hawaii Athletes In Action - Provided Hawaii Youth Football Athletes with Incredibly Positive, Life Changing Opportunities!


Our family considers ourselves truly blessed and fortunate indeed to have had our son participate in Hawaii Athletes in Action sponsored activities this past summer. Without the tremendous sacrifice and generosity of the Tuiasosopo family, our son as well as the more than 20 other young men who traveled with him, would not have been able to experience the incredibly powerful, positively life changing opportunity of traveling from our small island in the middle of the Pacific to well known, established football camps across the Continental U.S., gaining recognition and numerous awards and accolades along the way.

Like many other families in Hawaii, our family faces the daily struggle to survive in Hawaii's harsh financial reality, with rising housing costs, the highest gas and consumer product prices in the U.S. and a difficult, often unstable economy, providing for our family's needs on a day to day basis is a challenge to say the least. Trying to envision the staggering cost of a college education for our sons is often too overwhelming to consider.

Lua and Ana Tuiasosopo, by founding Hawaii Athletes in Action, provided our family with a vision of a future full of possibilities for our son. The potential and promise of the organization is made evident by their motto, "to teach tomorrow's leaders, today." To encourage each young athlete to dream of a bright future, whether it be here in Hawaii or abroad, to get an education, to strive to be the best in whatever they set their hearts and mind to, and to do so with kindness, generosity of spirit and integrity.

Any achievements, accolades, awards or potential college scholarships, either athletic or academic, that each student-athlete achieves will be theirs alone, garnered through their own hard work, commitment and effort and through the support of their parents and families, their fellow student-athletes and the tremendous support and generosity of all of the volunteers, participants and founders of Hawaii Athletes in Action.

Our family's sincere and heartfelt appreciation go out to Lua and Ana Tuiasosopo, Bulla Eastman and all the incredibly wonderful families of Hawaii Athletes in Action for all that you have done and continue to do for our sons, now and in the future!

The Sai Family (Keanu, Kina, Kapua, & Kiha) of Kaneohe, Hawaii

Coconut Tree KAPUA SAI  

Hawaii Athletes In Action - A Blessing to Our Local Athletes


Our family is very fortunate to be associated with the Hawaii Athletes In Action Organization. Ana & Lua Tuiasosopo, Bulla & Lyn Eastman and the rest of the HAIA Board are honest, dedicated, hardworking parents who give tirelessly for the benefit of our children. HAIA's motto "teaching tomorrow's leaders today" is exactly what they are doing.

Our eldest son was privileged to travel with HAIA on two occasions. Summer of 2006, they attended the University of Utah Camp, the All-Poly Camp (in Utah), the Tyrone Willingham Camp at the University of Washington, and Game Plan at BYU Hawaii. Our sons not only did extremely well on the field, but also off the field. Respectful was used to describe our young men over and over. The second trip was to the US Army National Combine in San Antonio, Texas in January 2007. Again, our sons showed their strength and their aloha spirit.

We are proud parents and members of Hawaii Athletes In Action. HAIA is an awesome, upstanding organization. Education is the goal for our children. Graduating from college is the aim; football is a means of getting there. Our children are expected to work hard and keep their grades up, but will be given assistance if needed. HAIA supports education by providing tutoring and SAT prep classes. Giving back is also encouraged by HAIA; community service is expected by all. Another positive aspect of being associated with HAIA is the friendships that have formed. Competition is left on the field. Our children have developed bonds that will last a lifetime.

It is often said that it takes a community to raise a child, and we are elated to have HAIA in our community.


Aloha no, The Pescaia 'Ohana

Teaching Tomorrow's Leaders Today!
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